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‘Son Of Sardaar’ Doesn’t Disrespect The Sikhs, Says Ajay Devgn

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Ajay Devgn in Son Of SardaarActor Ajay Devgn who got into legal trouble over him uttering the dialogues on the Sikhs in his upcoming film ‘Son Of Sardaar‘, has stated that his film doesn’t hurt the community’s sentiments.

According to The All India Sikh Students Federation, some dialogues in the trailer of ‘SOS’ are disgrace and insult to their community. Therefore AISSF president Karnail Singh, had asked Akal Takht to respond to the matter.

Ajay also got a legal notice from Punjab and Haryana High Court asking him to remove the controversial dialogues and parts.

However, Ajay has denied the allegations of him insulting the Sikhs in his film and insisted that it has nothing that should hurt the Sikhs’ sentiments.

In a given statement, he said, “My film ‘Son of Sardaar’ does not hurt anybody’s sentiments. I’m from Punjab and I have a lot of respect for the community and culture as everyone else and the last thing I would do is to hurt anyone. In fact, I’m very proud of the community.”

The actor who plays Sikh in the film also guarantees that it would in fact make the Sikhs proud of themselves.

“At no point you will find any element of disrespect. The protagonist of the film is a Sardaar, so the film will showcase a very positive projection of the community. If you could just wait for the release and then come up with your comments and opinion. Trust me, we all will be proud of the film,” told he.

‘Son Of Sardaar’ has been directed by Ashwini Dhir and also stars Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha and Juhi Chawla. It’s scheduled to release on November 13.


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