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Movie Review : ‘Rascals’ Is Just Another Slapstick Comedy

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RascalsDavid Dhawan has directed many comedy films and has succeed most of the time. With ‘Rascals‘ he is trying to make a movie on the same plot as ‘Deewana¬† Mastana’ and ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’.

The film is about two men Ajay Devgan(Chetan) and Sanjay Dutt(Bhagat) trying to win the same girl(Kangna Ranaut). Chetan and Bhagat are con-men and want to be rich. They find the rich mindless girl who is very hot. They try hard to win her. In doing so, they constantly try to out each other. Who will get the girl and how is the rest of the film’s story.

The story of the film is nothing new in Bollywood. There are many films made on the same plot and many of them had got success too. But the problem with ‘Rascals’ is it’s poor script. The film is full of gags which are completely out of the sync with the film’s story. Screenplay of the film is very weak and doesn’t make the film interesting.In many scenes, film’s lead characters try so hard to make you laugh and fails completely flat.

But the biggest minus point of the film is it’s direction, specially when it’s directed by the king of comedy David Dhawan. He has previously made the films on the same plot and has got huge success. But he completely fails here. David Dhawan’s film has never to do much with the story but people love the way he creates different situations which make them laugh. But it’s not the case with ‘Rascals’. ‘Rasacals’ is just another slapstick comedy that can’t make you laugh.

Ajay Devgan who has mastered the comedy genre after the Golmaal series has played his character well. But no actor can over come a bad script and same applies for him too. Sanjay Dutt’s character is mess and doesn’t bring out the best of him. Kangna Ranaut is very good actress but has signed a crap role. Lisa Hayden is hot and has not much to do in the film. Arjun Rampal plays him self but there is no scope for his character.

Our View : ‘Rascals’ is the slapstick comedy which fails to make you laugh.

Our Rating : **

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