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Esha Deol Says She Would Love To Work With Her Brothers

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Esha Deol, Tell Me O KhudaEsha Deol whose film ‘Tell Me O Khuda‘ is releasing on October 27 says she would love to work with her brother.

Esha says, “I would definitely love to work with them but there should be an interesting script.”.

The actress who has earlier worked with her parents for shows and other professional commitments says working in the film with them was a completely new experience for her.

“Mom is very professional, she has acted for such a long time that direction comes naturally to her,” Esha says about her mother(Hema Malini).

Talking about her father(Dharmendra), she said, “He is so enthusiastic even in this age and he is so involved with everything.”

Esha shares an emotional bond with her father.”The first shot needed both of us crying, but we didn’t need glycerin,” the actress said.

Esha also adds that she is looking forward to produce shows on television and for that she will take help from her brother Abhay Deol. “I am looking at a few stories ideas, Abhay knows a lot of creative, young writers. I have read a few good stories ideas, let’s see where that goes,” she said of her desire.

‘Tell Me O Khuda’ is being directed by Hema Malini.

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